5 Simple Tips To Change Your Image And Raise Status As A Man

Status Tip #1: Smile & Be Stylish

Status Tip #2: Try Power Posing

Status Tip #3: Sit Down The Right Way

  1. When you sit down, make sure to pull in your abdominal muscles. This will help prevent accidents like the one mentioned above and also helps with digestion!
  2. When sitting at a desk or table: Sit up straight without locking your knees; keep feet flat on floor; lean slightly forward; keep elbows bent 90 degrees; keep forearms parallel to each other; make sure your wrists are straight (not bent up/down) when typing on a keyboard; don’t point hands toward ceiling with palms facing down.
  3. When sitting on the floor: Sit upright against legs, not back of knees; bend forward from hips and reach for toes while keeping back straight.

Status Tip #4: Master Good Handshakes & Eye Contact

Status Tip #5: Learn To Communicate Well

  1. Pay attention to the nonverbal signals you send.
  2. Be aware of the other person’s preferences and needs.
  3. Use positive reinforcement whenever possible.
  4. Be patient and understanding.
  5. Take the time to practice and learn new skills!




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